Refine Your Skills and Improve Your Decision-Making


On-Court Management, Body Language, Presence

Effective Communication with Coaches, Players and Partners


Learning and Trusting the “SYSTEM”

3-Person Court Coverage

Purposeful Positioning and Reporting



Awareness: Be Present in the Moment

Learn to Review Film of Yourself to Make Better Calls


Workshops begin at 12pm Friday and end at 6pm Sunday.


Men's and Women's Workshop Directors: Chris Rastatter & Erick Thome

Men's Workshop Staff: Jimmy Casas, Nate Harris, Dave Arden, Ryan McCarty, Derek Schulte

Women's Workshop Staff: Keke Shoulder, Lorena Ahumada, Kim Hobbs, Sport Barclay, Mike Wong, Jeff Yamaoka, Derek Schulte



Please make your own hotel accomodations.



Previous Workshops


Completed Workshops:


ref-ology Spring workshop 2014 at Hardwood Palace in Rocklin, CA May, 16-18


ref-ology Select workshop 2014 in Sacramento


ref-ology Fall workshop 2013 at Mission College, Sept. 20-22


ref-ology 2013 at Hardwood Palace in Rocklin, CA, May 19-20 


Completed 2012 Workshops:

ref-ology 2012 at Hardwood Palace in Rocklin, CA, May 17-19



ref-ology workshop staff/clinicians:

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